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Hiring & Investing In Your DJ

(SoCal DJ serving Riverside, Corona, Perris, Los Angeles, Temecula, Redlands)

This one goes out to all the newly engaged couples and the couples planning their engagement for the year 2022. We are in the engagement season and for many, love and excitement are in the air. But so are many of your wedding details and now is when couples are starting to plan out their big day. You have to pick out the venue, cake, flowers and you can’t forget about that stunning wedding dress! But what about your DJ? That’s right many couples often prioritize other wedding details above their DJ.

Couples spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on cake, floral arrangements, decorations, and by then most of their budget is gone. When the budget is running low, often times couples look for the cheapest DJ available but according to The Knot, “Almost 100% of couples say they would have spent more of their budget on the entertainment”. The DJ does more than just show up and play music; the DJ creates the vibe for your wedding. Picture yourself walking down the aisle or sharing your first dance to no music. Now aside from providing music many professional DJs have learned the art of Mcing and they can help run your wedding by introducing the next formality of the evening or even hyping the crowd up for your introduction.

Hire a professional! I cannot tell you how many times I have heard couples say that they have a friend or a relative who is a DJ and often times they have never done a wedding. Professionals have the expertise and equipment to make your dream a reality. They work well with other vendors, and they have a backup plan. You are building a team of professionals who will come together to help you create the perfect moments. The last thing you want to worry about are your vendors arguing. If things really hit the fan, your DJ will have a back plan ready to go. The power could go out or there may be a rain storm on the day of your wedding, I've got some stories, but more on that later. No matter what, your DJ can adapt and can get the job done.

Do not make the DJ the last thing on your list because we are getting booked fast. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many couples have had to postpone their wedding causing a shortage of available dates for 2022. The sooner you start looking for your DJ, the less likely you are to be without a professional who can take the time to discuss your event needs, and tailor to your specific music selection. Over the course of planning your wedding, you will have to meet and discuss your event with your DJ which will lead to building a strong rapport. When your wedding day arrives and your dancing and singing your heart out to your favorite tunes you will remember that your DJ dedicated their time to creating your dream wedding. Happy New Years and here’s to an awesome start of 2022!



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